Don't complicate yourself, we take care of your accounting so you can relax

What is the difference between us and a "freelance accountant"?

Easy, When was the last time your accountant gave you proof of your tax payments? With us you have the guarantee the payment was made, as we send you tax receipt to your email. In addition we guarantee that we will never "forget" to pay your taxes, ignore your calls because we are sick, or just disappear... like is usual for a freelance accountant in Guatemala to do.


We handle and file your taxes, so you can be worried free and keep doing what you love. No matter if you are a small contributor or not, we take care of you and your accounting.

Our services includes:

Small Contributor

For a person to be considered a small contributor, according to law is mandaroty that his/her sales do not exceed Q150,000 a year.

Investment: Q150.00 monthly

If you are enrolled in a different regime, please write us so we can send you a service proposal.

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Your peace of mind is our primary goal